Savvy startup studio

We develop ideas into products and products into companies

What is the Startup Studio

A Startup studio is a company of startups; also known as: Venture builder, Startup factory, startup foundry or Idea Lab. A Startup studio is the place where startups build their technology and receive other kinds of support like mentorship, seed fund and hands on team.

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SAVVY Startup Studio

Savvy Startup Studio model is defined by three important criteria

Savvy Startup Studio focuses our business on creating startups

Unlike startup incubators or VCs, the main goal of Savvy Startup Studio is to build a startup from the ground up. This implies an important involvement of time, dedication, and resources to working operationally on the project for a period of time.

Savvy Startup Studio builds several startups following a repetitive process

The focus of Savvy Startup Studio is the rapid development and prototyping of new products. We work on multiple startups and projects simultaneously instead of building one project at a time.

Savvy Startup Studio builds an infrastructure that enables an efficient venture building process

Savvy Startup Studio owns an infrastructure made of pooled resources: technical tools, management processes, and a multi-disciplinary team. By building several projects a year with the same team, Our Savvy Startups Studio can reuse this infrastructure, software and best practices across products.

Savvy Startup Studio Offerings

Primary and supportive activities in order to transform your idea into a successful venture.

Value Chain of Savvy Startup Studio

Primary Activities

The main activities that Savvy Arabia provides in order to transform your idea into a real working solution.

Idea Modularization

Supporting you with a set of frameworks and toolkits, that help and guide you better organize your idea where we generate a unique business model.

Designing Concept

Visually representing your business’s look and feel; where we make your identity stand out, turning it into something truly special and market fitting.

Developing Solution

Reflecting your entrepreneurial spirit through a fully practical and integrated mobile and/or web application.

Spreading Product

Providing you with digital marketing solutions to be reachable and searchable to spread your idea, reach your target segment and create success.

Supportive Activities

The activities that Savvy Arabia’s partners are providing in order to support your endeavor’s success.


Guiding you with experience sharing, knowledge transfer from businessmen and successful entrepreneurs.


Connecting you with the ecosystem key players to boost your business’s recognition and opportunities generation.

Business consultation

Providing you with consultation and advisory to build more mature solid business understanding and scaling business.

Office space

Incubating your startup and provide you with the perfect workspace environment and pre-equipped office.