Mobile Application for real estate

Mobile Application for real estate


As a real estate agent, you may have been overwhelmed by lots of questions by your clients, and of course calling and emailing back-and-forth becomes an exhausting process.

Savvy Arabia team offers you a mobile application development solution for your real estate agency. It’s not only about turning to mobile access, your mobile app will let you focus more on your clients without being so buried in the administrative side of the business.

Your potential clients are out there in the neighborhoods, and putting your app on their mobile phones instead of using their browser’s back at home, could take your service to another level.


Location Based Real Estate Directory with multiple listings with one-touch call

Provide all of your means of communication for your clients, let them know how and when to reach you and where to find your nearest the matter of fact, our mobile application will be considered as a brand new portable branch that’s always available for serving your clients.


Property listing syndication with images or videos

Introduce your projects to your clients in the most elegant and informative way.Have a full portfolio for every single project and showcase all of its features.Projects portfolios are fully customizable to suit your brand demands and to always fulfill all of your requirements.


Event Calendar showcasing Special exhibitions with Google Calendar

Keep your clients updated with your latest events and provide them with timing, places and let them know about all of your past and upcoming events.This will help sell the merits of your properties, and make you stand out amongst the crowd.


Promote Offers & Events via Push Notifications.

Give your promotions an immense base of the audience by always notifying your clients about them in an exciting way that represents your brand completely. let your promotions and events spread all over your clients’ mobile phones raising your profit margin.


Provide Social Sharing for more engagement

Get your clients always connected with you through integrating your social media accounts with your mobile app.Give your clients the sense of 24/7 connection and availability.


We can always expand the scope of this product on-demand offering you the best customizable development experience ever.