We have enabled many businesses beyond success, overcoming challenges, achieving their goals…. And we will continue to do so!


Savvy Arabia is a technology solutions provider specialized in online trade, based in Alexandria, Egypt. We’re driven by the passion of supporting the Arab World’s businesses to strengthen their online presence, enabling them to promote/ sell their products/ services by reaching their target segments and maintaining their online reputation and customers’ pipelines.
Our endeavor is to help facilitating the online trade, empowering our clients with the needed technology tools/ channels, helping them acquiring higher market shares, generating sales and promoting their brand reputation.

Our mission is to empower your business with the best fitting technology solutions that meet your business needs by making technology an asset for your business, not a problem.

In Savvy Arabia, we believe that all solutions are not applicable for all businesses needs, so we use our knowledge and experience to integrate the best fitting solutions your business’s growth needs.

Our Strength is our knowledge, understanding, and experience in many domain areas and business sectors. Our continuing commitment to have a great R&D system allowing us to identify the needs of each sector and company, and provide the best fitting technology solutions that support their trading system.

Our guarantee is our quality, professionalism, and passion that set us apart from many competitors and enable us to deliver quality solutions. We guarantee also committing honesty and following ethical standards towards our customers’ data.


  • 2012


    The Origins| Savvy Era

    Two former company employees started the journey in New York, USA, and Alexandria, Egypt; serving clients from the USA … Baby steps delivered five projects within that year to the U.S Market.

  • 2015


    Opening The Arab World’s Door| Savvy Arabia

    Expanding to serve the Arab world, Savvy Arabia was established in Alexandria, Egypt. With a small but a passionate team, the first three projects serving clients from the Arab world were delivered besides the growing pipeline of U.S market’s clients.

  • 2017


    Sustaining Our Success

    Savvy Era and Savvy Arabia’s operations and teams devoted to empower our clients either in U.S or Arab Region, more than 40 projects are successfully developed so far.